Wood netsuke of hare

A wood netsuke of a hare


By Masanao, Yamada

Ise Province, 19th century

Wood netsuke; eyes inlaid in amber

Signed: Masanao

Lenght: 4.2 cm



Arlette Katchen collection


A. Katchen, Netsuke 7, vol.2, Paris (K. R. Publishers, 2010), p. 141, no. K176


The hare is shown seated, its head raised and turned to the left, its forelegs outstretched and one hind leg forming the himotoshi.

Ever present in Japanese folklore, and one of the twelve animals of the zodiac cycle, hares are a common theme for Japanese art. The term usagi can, in fact, be translated as both “rabbit” and “hare”, as Japanese do not distinguish between them.

Associated with Autumn as well as the moon, this netsuke would suit an inrō with either of these themes.


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