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14 July 2017
In Japan, art and antiques have been somehow subjected to certification by some authority for a very long time. The most common way of doing that was...
Buy samurai japanese kabuto helmet for sale
06 July 2017
Most of collectors of original Japanese samurai armor do not have room to buy many sets and tend then to focalize on smaller parts, like kabuto (...
04 July 2017
Menpō is a general term to indicate a protection for the face in a Japanese samurai armor. It is generally made of iron but leather ones (nerikawa)...
13 June 2017
The Japanese word "kawari" can be translated in many ways: unusual, extraordinary, eccentric, strange. When we associate it with the word "kabuto" -...
12 May 2017
The term “kamon”, or simply mon, refers to a crest used in Japan to indicate one's family lineage. Kamon are often referred to as “Family Crests”,...
28 April 2017
The Subtile Profundity of Japanse Art Some of the most important differences between Western and Eastern art originate from the relationship between...


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